2021 Schedule (subject to changes)

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Atilla Çıdam & Olivia Nichole
F*cking with Power

Hazel-Grace Yates
Wild Body Innocence

Leslie Heydon & Kathleen Rea
Dancing into Place and the Collective Sensual Experience

T&P Lab (Participant run)
Touch&Play Lab Intensive


Bridging Beyond Blaming
Rooting into Resilience

Kelindah Schuster
Gender-Expansive Sensual Performance
Sensory Wax Play

CJ O’Reilly
Rewilding through CI
Embodied Practices for Consensual Non-Monogamy


Chaya Leia Aronson
Grief Ritual

Daniel (DeeJay) Hayes
Liquid Love

Moti Zemelman
Blindfold Jam