Atilla Çıdam & Olivia Nichole

Atilla is a heart guide with a mission to empower you to embody your most vibrant, authentic self in the world without excuses or limits. Using his training in tantra, conscious kink, Erotic Blueprints, sacred medicine, movement, and shadow-work, Atilla helps reprogram his clients’ nervous systems to allow and embody the full range of their ecstatic pleasure in all aspects of their lives. He has a background in psychological research with a PhD in social psychology, and has spent the last decade designing large scale social programs that empower millions to lead fully aligned lives.⁣ Atilla plays in the deep contrast of polarities. Dancing with full expressions of the masculine & the feminine, primal fierceness & tenderness, pleasure & pain, work & play, science & intuition, he helps his clients fully manifest & integrate the opposites.⁣ ⁣ Atilla is here to show up for the fullest expression of who you really are.

Olivia is a sexuality coach weaving together kink, d/s play, self-pleasure, tantra and somatic therapy. Her coaching centers around d/s play. She’s passionate about the transformative potential d/s holds – to transform every facet of one’s life. In her words, “I help beings reclaim their power through: pleasure, domination & submission. I create conscious doms, empowered submissives, and pleasure 👑’s.”

F*cking with Power

Power is a natural emanation of being fully alive. It is not separate or created – it’s realized & remembered when we let life in completely. Stepping into power is just about stepping out of its way. A broken heart fully welcoming grief. A body losing itself in ecstatic pleasure. A heartfelt apology. The power of the human spirit is found in the most unexpected crevices. We are life. We are power.

In this workshop, we’ll explore how to get out of our own way. Where are we hiding? Why are we afraid of surrender & losing control? What is in the way of our deepest pleasure? What keeps us from our most vibrant expression? This intensive is an odyssey of Power.

Polarity day – We explore the symmetries of power in our dominance & our submission.

Day of pleasure – We tap into the power of our ecstasy.

Shadow day – We reclaim power from all our rejected parts & desires.

Day of innocence – We tap into the power of our inner child & playful animal.

Day of tantra – We integrate all polarities in our inner, sacred union.

This workshop is for playful, ruthless, sexy warriors of Life. Come, let’s F*ck with Power.