Organizer Team

Intensive Teachers

Bernadette Pleasant

Intoxicating and energetic, Bernadette Pleasant is a fiery sensual Speaker, Somatic Healer and Creator of Femme! ( She facilitates transformation for those who desire to live out loud through a physical, emotional and immersive journey.

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Betty Martin

Betty spent her childhood in a large family and mis-spent her youth in experimental communities, learning about people in more kinds of groups than she can count…

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2018 Headliners

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Single Class Teachers

Kelindah Schuster

Kelindah Schuster is a performance artist, radical educator, community-connector, and maker of queer theater who grew up in Singapore and Indonesia and is ever-reckoning with belonging as a white transplant in Brooklyn.

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Tru Blackbird Fox

Tru is a Sacred Intimate and sex & intimacy coach. She works with folks of all genders, abilities, and orientations as they tap into and remember their erotic wildness, their source of power and pleasure…

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Leslie Blackburn

Leslie Blackburn woke up from a lifetime of “holding on, numbing out and keeping people out” to reconnect with her body, her power, and deepest authentic purpose in life.

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Danny Brave

Danny Brave is a queer transgender man whose mission is to offer himself and others experiences to full embrace the power and liberation of being their authentic self/ves,

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Daniel Bear Davis

Daniel Bear Davis(MFA) is an interdisciplinary performance maker and movement educator. He has been teaching and dancing Contact Improvisation, Axis Syllabus, and improvisational composition for over half his life.

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Tanya Williams

Tanya Williams is a context artist with a passion for dancing with complex systems… in community, on the land, and in the body. She has been facilitating contact improvisation for 19 years

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Alyssa Lynes

Alyssa Lynes brings her knowledge of Community development in Touch&Play (since 2012) and CI communities (since 2010), Contact Improvisation and movement pedagogy, Contemporary & partner dance forms, Nonviolent Communication, Education (MSed + bilingual education) & Mentor teaching, and her work and study of The Life Coaching Teachings of Maria Nemeth from the Academy of Coaching Excellence.

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