I/We are JWow, The Urban Bliss Shaman™. I/We come to sacred gatherings to pray and hone my/our praxis of living fully into an isness of seculospiritual-love-in-action. Through contiguous glatitude; Erootic™ movements; and shine-and-shadow behavioural diligence; we’re graced with getting to live, learn, teach, and seed how to optimize Huvinity — our individual journeydances between our humanity and our divinity.

Fancy words for living into our power; optimizing our intersectional allyship; and loving both my/ourselves and others into our individual and tribal greatness.

We’re also a Black, female, pagan, seculospiritual shaman whose work at Growth Gatherings matters to the mainstream: we have multiple Forbes articles about me to support that. We’ve included a link to our [JWow] INTRO:: Quick Experience for those of you who want to know more about me/us: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PvnL6foEn1DDUaDUB6OSaVwXRJWmaxpGGYcizjlATyc/edit

If/When/As you have questions, I/We tend to have answers. It’s what we are FOR. Let’s dance, folks! \☻/

Bridging Beyond Blaming:

An Empower-meant Dance to Compost Anxiety & PTSD in Our Personal, Intersectional, and Global Roots

“Bridging beyond blaming begins with assessed alignment.” 

~ JWow

“Learning, Legend, and Legacy are rooted in choices we get the privilege of making and decisions we own the pain of having made.” 

~ Roni Jean Andrews-Neal


Bridging is a physical function whose metaphoric overlays are a gateway to replacing what triggers our traumas like anxiety and PTSD. In this intensive, we’ll learn how to directly and effectively compost trauma into sustainable, rooted power.

These Bridging Beyond Blaming™ techniques are ones I/We use every day to actively compost stressors — internal and external — before they become actual stress all while actively boosting empower-meant. Those same effective, rooted, stabilizing techniques — that we’ve used to manage extreme cPTSD for over 50 years — are some of the ones we’re sharing with those of you Called to this growthshop.

You’ll need paper, pen, and strong listening skills to get the most from this intensive AND this is NOT a “talking head” engagement. We’ll combine rhythm and flows of physical, psychological, and cultural energetics release — to anchor healing tools into our rituals and lives.

I/We will make all of you a deal: you come ready and happy to dive deeply into our work together and I/We will do the same. If/When/As you do, it’ll be my/our pleasure and privilege to facilitate our shared, accelerated growth.  Looking forward to it. Blissings, y’all.

Rooting into Resilience Through a Respect-oriented, Safety, and SASS (Shine & Shadow System) of Empower-meant™

“Mutual respect bridges us beyond the bluster, blisters, and blaming of righteousness.”  

          ~ JWow

“I shall be free
when the fullness of the experience
is greater than
the security of my armour.”

          ~ JWow

Such a boring title for a lively sacred practice that is overflowing with ways of optimizing pragmatic bliss in our lives…

These 2 quotes sum up what we’ll dive into exploring:  how to be pragmatic about bridging out of intersectional diVISIVEness and into a delight in our diVERSIVEness.  SASS and language are a path to a new freedom.

Attendees grow into an outside-the-mainstream-lines understanding of why so many of us are rooted in pain and being smaller than we know we can be.  We’ll also touch on simple tools that can immediately lift us up and out of that life trap.

Looking forward to connecting with each of you Called to this growthshop.  Blissings, y’all.