Kelindah Bee Schuster

Kelindah Bee is a draglesque artist known as Theydy Bedbug, and an educator at Brooklyn Arts Exchange. In performance, they use caricature, lip sync, embodied movement and striptease to reclaim their body, queer the youth, unsettle gender and reckon with belonging. In 2019, they won the title of “Mx. Brooklyn” in a local drag competition formerly known as Mr(s) Brooklyn, and began producing a trans-centered show, “WANNABE: Between Genders & Genres.

At BAX they facilitate an adult class, “Drag Performance: Between and Beyond Gender,” which focuses on drag as a transformative healing tool. They value spaces that welcome our whole selves to be present, especially the messy, grotesque, hairy, queer, kinky, vulnerable sides we’ve been conditioned to shrink. They believe that when we connect, collaborate, and create performances that channel our authentic sexual expression liberated from gender norms, we make space for more ways of being: a pathway to new-world building.

Gender-Expansive Sensual Performance

Gender is a playground, and striptease, lip sync, and embodied movement are my favorite toys. In this class, we will use these tools in performance to explore the joyful sensual expression that is uniquely our own. Inspired by the gifts of femininity, masculinity, plants, animals, and other nonhuman entities, we will tap into how to turn on an audience, activate our most empowered personas, and channel our sensual magic on stage. In connection and community, we will practice releasing narratives that inhibit our authentic sexual expression and stories about how we “should” move, express, or dress based on gender norms we’ve inherited from structures of power that disconnect us from each other, our sexual agency, and our intuitive gender creativity. We will play group games, duet exercises, and build toward (optional) short solo performances that experiment with erotic eye contact, gesture, clothing reveals, and storytelling. This class centers queer and gender nonconforming wisdom, and all genders and sexualities are welcome.

Sensory Wax Play

Candles are a powerful spiritual tool that have deep potential for corporeal healing when used in personal practice and partnered play. In this session, participants will learn the basics of sensual wax play practices regarding safety, consent, and connection. We will focus on how candles can be used for somatic healing, affirmation, and intention-setting, as well as foreplay with partners. We will explore both receiving and giving, and expressing needs, desires, and limits around wax. We will also practice removal of wax through massage and edge play with metal instruments. I believe consent is inherently sexy, and offer demonstrations on connecting with your wax bottom, interpreting physical cues, name-calling, grounding your bottom, basic breath work, making space for trauma and holding space for the spiritual intentions of your bottom. Depending on the group’s desire, we may touch on combining candles with other forms of impact play such as spanking, edge/knife play (no blood), scratching, squeezing. If the group is more interested in the artistry of wax play than the sexual potential, then we can explore how performative play can build human wax sculptures.