Rewilding through CI

Deconstruct your cognitive biases, social norms, and movement patterns.
Let’s peel the onion together.

Reconstruct your body mechanics, nervous system and paradigm.
Let’s discover together.

Explore the embodied practice of Contact Improvisation as a tool for deconstruction and re-learning – rewilding – our bodies and minds.

Embodied Practices for Consensual Non-Monogamy

Explore and discover practices for complex human relating from concept to embodied practice.

We will dance polycules; dive deep into our bodies to let our emotions unfurl though movement; co-regulate and attune; improvise, discover and explore expressions of identity and partnership!

CJ O’Reilly

CJ is a passionate communitarian, dancer, martial artist, and life-as-artist, and community organizer. They conspire for a world where dance and physical expression are commonplace and even taken for granted, rather than a spectacle. They currently live in Asheville, NC.