Touch&Play Lab Intensive

The lab is intended to weave connections within the community over time, as we come together to cocreate and challenge our edges collectively.  What happens when we are all the intensive teacher? What gifts are you excited to share with this community? 

This is the time where we can showcase our skills and creative curiosities. We can safely reconstruct our taboos, explore imaginative deep desires, and bring forth into fruition that which we’ve longed to vulnerably share but haven’t had the space to do it. 

The shared language of the festival, as well as the weaving of experience over time are an integral part of this lab. Those who choose to be a part of this group are recommended to have attended a Touch&Play previously. (If you have never been to a Touch&Play before and feel a strong pull to be a part of the lab, please reach out to Alan Shurafa on FB or email Alan: alan(at)shurafa(dot)com

Those who choose to be a part of the journey will have the opportunity to meet over zoom before the festival, to begin the weaving process of how we want to share our precious time together.