Eros as Power:
Queer Approaches to Creative Movement

 In this workshop, we will address the uses of the erotic (eros as power) through movement practices and improvisation scores that operate on consent, intimacy and interdependency as well as others, in which the role of “top” or “authority” and “bottom” or “follower” will disrupt, detach or shift completely. By utilizing Audre Lorde’s feminist text as a guide, i will be sharing methods for critical improvisation and dance-making in reference to partnering and contact improv practices. Prior experience in these forms is not required. This workshop is geared towards queer, trans and gender-non conforming folx and anyone who’s curious.



Ya-Ya is a Black/Trans/Queer Performance Artist, Dance-Maker and Curator of Images. They recently received their MFA in Dance from The University of Utah. They also have a BA in Dance/Cultural Anthropology/Queer Studies from Bates College (ME). Their work grapples with notions of pain, pleasure and violence in relation to the dancing body in various social climates. Race, Gender and Sexuality are huge tenets of Ya-Ya’s questionings inside of dance and performance. They’ve been commissioned to teach workshops at Yale School of Drama, Bates College, Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School (MA), Utah Museum of Contemporary Art and Weber State University. They teach improvisation and dance/somatic practices in academic and community spaces across the U.S. They are currently based in Providence, Rhode Island.

Ya-Ya Interview Video: