Contact Improv with Peg
(a CI Fundamentals class)

Developing a heightened sensitivity to our bodies in time and space is an essential part of becoming attuned to each other, and the world at large. With this, we can better shift into a clear means to express our personal boundaries, emotions, opinions, desires, fears and experiences– verbally and non-verbally. The ability to change allows us to address habits inside of ourselves. To expand into the ones that are supporting us in everyday life and community, as well as be bold enough to see and even change what in ourselves is limiting and harmful to personal well-being and dynamic interrelations. I am looking at the brain, facial phenomena, skin, bones, muscles, and the energetic body. Through these lenses, we learn by tracking our patterns, pathways and our ability of choice– to shift, open change, extract, repeat, manipulate, and redirect. By addressing the basics and fundamentals of Contact and Compositional Improvisation we dive into movement with our self and with each other.

Official T&P Photographer

Anna will be present and engaged though the view point her own lens, documenting the experiance of Touch & Play. In this she will be creating and holding space for individuals, couples or groups to explore the thrill of being photographed. This can take form in many different lights, in intimacy or as meeting the common edge of being seen through the eye and lens of another.
Anna Maynard is an emerging artist in the fields of Photography and Contemporary Modern dance. She has spent a lifetime studying and molding her crafts in to what they are today. She is devoted and passionate about living as an available artist. It is her interest to give careful and honest attention to those she photographs, she works to expose the beauty of those standing in font of her with authenticity and heart.